Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Zombie Jesus Day!

The actual Easter card I received from my parents this year was refreshingly simple and surprisingly non-religious. What was inside is another story, but I'll get to that in a bit. Thankfully, the days where I'm bombarded with letters/notes/cards, on about a monthly basis, packed full of constant reminders of how sinful I am are long behind me. Still, holiday cards are almost always an excuse to 'remind me of my roots' - you know, because I'm likely to forget 18 years of emotional abuse via fundamental Christianity now that I live nearly 200 miles away from it. Never-mind the 'godly-residue' that still lingers in the crevices of my brain that I just can't seem to reach enough to scrub clean! ^_-

For the sake of optimism, I must emphasize that these little attempts to remind are are far better than those old 'wall-of-death' style paragraphs about how nothing good can come from such a sinful path as mine but that when I'm ready to repent, I'd will be welcomed back with open arms. (do you feel the love? I do!) Yes, I was even referred to as the 'prodigal daughter' for that ordeal. ^_^

I suppose I can tolerate being subtly poked with 'creationism', as the 'surprise' in my Easter card was (are ya ready for this?!) a map of the Creation Museum my parents had traveled over 500 miles to visit at some point last week. A map, I suppose, to show how wonderful and respected the place was (in past e-mails, as this museum trip had been mentioned to some degree in each of the 7 most recent messages, it was especially emphasized how this place was 'growing' and at such an alarming rate) and a business card containing the link to 'Answers in Genesis', I guess to show me (or remind me, rather) just how 'factual' the concept of creationism 'really is'. (Ugh, certain 'chick tracks' we used to have lying around the house come to mind ...)

Oh, how I have certainly not forgotten! (I wish I were that lucky!) In fact, even as I'd left Christianity years ago, I've only just begun to learn the very basics of evolution. (Special thanks to Jerry Coyne and the analyst for suggesting him!) Having been home-schooled for all of high-school, I'd never been exposed to the theory. All I 'knew' was that it was 'silly', 'evil', and of course, 'completely false'. In fact, I can even remember being a child of 7 or so, watching a science channel on tv with my father. Whenever they would mention the earth being millions of years old, he'd yell 'faaaaaaalse!" loudly at the television in the silly voice he always used when making fun of evolutionists. This eventually became my own reflex as well, as I looked up to him very much.

When I was quite a bit older and dating my 'unchurched' boyfriend of the time, my dad had him watch a sickening evolutionist/creationist debate (Moody Science Films) with us, where the evolutionist was made to be a complete dumbass against the star creationist, who was a little too good to be true, to put it mildly. If only I could re-watch that video now (not really), it'd surely irk me more, being a bit more knowledgeable of the subject. Still, even as a sheltered 16-year-old, I could easily spot the 'unfairness' of the situation, as well as sense that some things were a bit 'off' even if I couldn't quite put my finger on them. Of course I denied it at the time, but it's nice to know that my BS detector was at least doing its job!

For now, I choose to ignore any comments from my parents about creation/evolution. We are only in contact via e-mail, so it's not terribly difficult to respond only to the parts I feel like responding to while simply ignoring the absurd. It's not really a subject I am ready to confront them on anyway. People only resist facts so strongly in favor of bullshit when they have a strong reason to - even if it's an awful reason like the fear of reality. I don't intend to change their minds, partly because I don't think I ever could. Every time they nudge me with their delusional worldview, I recall many things: the stupid christian science films, the chick tracks, e.e. (evangelism explosion), bible camp, and other various headaches from my past. Most importantly though, I am reminded of my decision to leave and am thankful for the freedom I now have to explore this intriguing world without fear.

I do just wish, however, that the money going into this museum's life-size replica of Noah's Ark could go to something a little more important ... or at the very least, something less insane!


krissthesexyatheist said...

I saw somewhere in the interbutz, these zombie nerds/professionals said it was an insult to equate a resurrected JC to a zombie because they are totally diff things. At Lady Atheist ( There is a good pic. Awesomeness.


Tai Bee said...

I decided last minute to attach an actual rant to this pic! ^_^

Anyway, I could use a little dose of awesome today, so I will be sure to check out this Lady Atheist!

<3 Tai