♥ Nerd Crushes

Just a list of the free-thought 'celebs' I especially love listening to, learning from and imagining myself 'cuddling' with relating to.

Laci Green - Critical thinking, grrl power AND voluptuousness. Rawr!

Jerry Coyne -The most cuddly-looking biologist by far! "Why Evolution is True" is the miracle that saved my brain.

M.E. Anders - Not just a cult survivor, but a "cult slayer"! I adore this strong, quirky, and beautiful redhead.

Tim Minchin -Funny atheist + talented musician + bare feet = ♥  Then there's that wild, red hair ... 

George Carlin Intelligent, dirty old men make me tingle ... I'd sit on this grandpa's lap! Seriously, such an amazingly hilarious free-thinker. (RIP)

Richard Dawkins - Oh, Dawkins. Your harsh approach excites me so. The God Delusion was also a real eye opener.

Eddie Izzard  - Wit + atheism + cross dressing warms my soul hole, apparently. Seriously, this guy is great!

Dr. Michio Kaku - Squee, I just LOVE Dr. Kaku! Japanese, wild scientist hair and he makes physics understandable! What more could you want? Not a free-thought advocate per se (?) but awesome none-the-less!