Friday, August 2, 2013

I'm a Bad Blogger and I Derserve Spanks

OHAI! It's been a while. I'm not really sure what to blog about but after stumbling across this site for the first time in over a year, re-admiring my sexy layout, and reminiscing about the freshly de-Christianed angst which inspired it, the spirits moved me. Heh heh ... 'cause I'm drunk. That was terrible and not funny and you should definitely spank me. Oh, er, no, please, don't. But if you do, please do it hard and with a slapper crop. Ahem.

Uh, ANYWAY, maybe I'll start blogging again. Who knows? I kind of want to. For the time being, I've given into the lazy world of Tumblr 'blogging'. Yes, spank me again (leather flogger, AHEM). If it's now too blasphemous of a concept, you can follow me there as well. Or just look at it. It's quite pretty. Also, porn. Lots of porn.

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