Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sex+ Questionnaire

So, I decided to fill out the Sex+ Questionnaire from the lovely Laci Green. How could I pass up an opportunity to answer 37 sexy questions?? Feel free to fill it out too; just remember, it's nice to share! ^_-

Sex+ Questionnaire For: Sarah Bee
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Location: NY, USA

Sexual Awakenings

1. How did you learn about sex?
Friends, trial and error, the internet

2. Were you able to talk about sex with your parents?
No. All they ever told me was that it was sinful outside of marriage.

3. Do you remember your first kiss?
Yes. lol I sort of surprised my boyfriend of the time because he viewed me as timid and was trying to be slow and romantic, but I jumped for that kiss!

4. Tell us about an embarrassing moment you’ve had with sexuality/a partner/etc.
There are two that come to mind first, and they both involve anal. I will only tell you one... ;) I was a liberated Christian at the time, so I wanted to protect my technical virginity but was otherwise ready to express myself sexually with my boyfriend of one year. On this exciting day, we were getting it on when suddenly, his mother pushed the door open to tell us something ... and got quite an eye full! The worst part was afterwards, when D and I had to walk past her and four friends, whom she clearly told about the experience, in order to get to the front door ... >.<

5. How old were you when you made your sexual debut? Were you ready for it?
18. I was ready on so many levels, but not confident that I was ready. It sort of just happened because we lived together at the time, but I didn't regret it one bit. The next day, I felt like a whole new person. So liberating!


6. Are you in a romantic or sexual relationship?
Yes, both. Though, I hate the term 'romantic'. I like to think of us as best friends who fucknlove each other.

7. Would you prefer being in a relationship or being single? Why?
I honestly like many aspects of both. Ideal is a relationship where I don't feel as though I must hide my 'single-loving' tendencies. This does not mean an open relationship per se ;) but just the freedom to express my attraction to others or share my fantasies honestly, without fear of insecurity/extreme jealousy on their part.

8. Would you ever consider a polyamorous relationship?
Yes. Although I do think it’s an unlikely relationship style for me because I am easily socially exhausted.

9. Have you ever cheated on a partner?
Not technically, but I felt as though I had because my ex and and I were not over each other, yet I jumped to someone else without thinking it through.

10. What was your longest relationship? Your shortest?
Longest: 4.5 years; shortest: 1 week (Christian camp, LOL!)

11. What do you look for in a partner?
Open-mindedness, good critical thinking skills, someone I can learn from, someone who can view our relationship as a partnership, has self control, determination, likes to laugh, not easily offended. I also have a fetish for nerdiness, men with chest hair/facial hair, and/or Jesus look-alikes ... o_0

12. Do you have any “deal breakers”?
Anything opposite of the less shallow things above. Religious would most likely be a deal breaker. After 4.5 years of being someone's delicate flower, I don't think I could deal with any level of sexism either, unless they were naively so and willing to broaden their horizons.


13. What is your favorite way to ask for consent?
I like to lick and tease ... I'm a baddie ...

14. What is your favorite position?
I'm not sure that I have a favorite; I like switching it up more than any particular position, but I get really good results when being 'manhandled' from behind in the shower. Spoon-to-fuck is always good and I'll always have a special place in my heart for doggy style. I feel like a porn star when I'm on top ... I could go on!

15. Would you/have you had a one night stand?
I have not, but sometimes I crave it. Probably in part because I never have ...

16. What’s your favorite place to be touched by a partner?
Ears, neck, lips, shoulders, lower back, hips, ass, inner thighs, toes, ohhh... just everywhere, wheee!

17. Is there anything that you’ve wanted to try sexually but haven’t (yet)?
I have a lot of fantasies and I’m still figuring out which I would be down to try out in real life. I'm kind of interested in the idea of swinging or online fantasy play with my partner included but he is not up for it at this time.

18. Would you/have you had group sex (3+ people)?
Yes. I would again, if my partner could get into it. :)

19. Would you/have you practiced BDSM?
Yes, mildly. I wouldn't mind exploring this more ...

20. Would you/have you done role-play?

21. What is your biggest turn on?
Connecting through the mind and then sexually. Talking on two different levels in conversation can be thrilling ... especially the initial discovery that the person is following ... :)

Subtle flirting with the eyes really gets me too, especially when combined with the above!

22. Biggest turn off?
Selfishness, arrogance, willful ignorance.

23. How often do you masturbate?
Most days.

24. What do you think is the most erotic part of your body?
My ass and my waist.

Self Love

25. What’s your favorite thing about yourself?
My ability to self-question, natural curiosity, and sense of humor.

26. What’s your biggest accomplishment in the last 3 years?
Finally getting my license!

27. Tell us one goal you have for yourself.
To stop dwelling on the past and worrying about the future so that I can enjoy the present. Also, I need to work on my self confidence; I have a hard time believing in myself, particularly in my ability to learn and succeed in life. Fear still has a pretty good grip on me ... I'd like to change that. Lastly, I need to work on time management in my personal life.

28. How do you take care of yourself?
Taking time to be alone and think, singing when no one's around (therapeutic for me), working out, lucid dreaming, bonding with others, getting lost in my own fantasies or a good story, etc.

Hot Topics

29. Do you support a woman’s right to choose an abortion if she accidentally gets pregnant?

30. Do you think prostitution should be legal?
I think so, but I am on the fence.

31. If you had a baby boy, would you have his foreskin removed (circumcise him)?

32. Should same-sex marriage be legal?

33. Should comprehensive sex education be given in high schools or abstinence only?

To Infinity, and Beyond

34. What do you want to be when you grow up?
I am undecided. I have a strong interest in psychology, but there is much I am inexperienced with. I may discover a new interest once in school ...

35. Do you want to get married?
Marriage doesn't really appeal to me. I don't see any sense in legalizing a relationship and have no interest in all the fluff that tends to go with a wedding. If marriage were to all of a sudden make sense financially (i.e. getting a mortgage), I'd then consider grabbing that piece of paper. lol On this, my partner and I are in full agreement!

36. Do you want to have children?
I'm not sure yet. I feel like I don't for many reasons, but I am aware that I could feel differently in the future.

37. What do you want to do for others before you die? I just want to in some way inspire open-mindedness in others the same way I have been inspired so that humanity can continue to grow and improve.

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kold_kadavr_ flatliner said...

Me? I learned about lovely, erotic, passionate, warm, loving sex! from my Pop who was a terrific shrink, neurosurgeon who hadta spend 11,111+
years in medical school. Yay, Pop!!!

Though you shouldnt have it
while on earth with friends you
aint married to - whorizontalism
which you could get diseases, AIDS,
gonna-Rhea! Cya! ...God doesnt like
U.S. to sleep round juss because of
those Treasons.

How can I meet you Upstairs
when you dont believe now???
I sooo wanna meet you Upstairs.

So let this be the catalyst:

'the more you shall honor Me,
the more I shall bless you'
-the Infant Jesus of Prague